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So here it is – my first post on a blog I’ve been meaning to create for some time. Without further ado…

I’ve labelled this journal of mine – “Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness”.
I’m not sure if this will change, although the “Svasti” part of it will stay. Let’s just call it a working title for now.

“Svasti” is a Sanskrit word meaning “blessing”. Sanskrit is the root language of all modern Indo-Aryan languages and these days, its mostly used by scholars and yogis. I chose Svasti because I feel strongly that all experiences in life can be viewed as a blessing, even if the virtue of a given situation is not immediately apparent. Take it or leave it!

And yes, I was assaulted. On the 29th September 2005. I’ll refrain from telling this story in my first post, but I will say that it was a single incident. It was someone I knew, and it was completely unexpected.

Despite this being an isolated incident – attacked by someone I thought I knew in my own home – it has had an enormous impact on my life.

I did get help at the time, but like many people who experience trauma I think I did my best to suppress most of the pain. For many reasons, it’s no longer possible for me to do that (suppress things). It’s time for these things to come out, to resolve.

My reasons for creating Svasti are as follows:

  • Chronicle my own path, step-by-step, out of a rather nasty trauma
  • Handling and overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Finding ways to trust again – both myself and other people
  • Regaining confidence in my own judgement
  • Following my counselling process
  • Most important of all: Getting to a place where I can be in a relationship again

A beautiful thing about the human race is that everyone is different, and how we deal with trauma is very individual. So I am not suggesting that my experience is the same as anyone else’s. But if perchance, someone reads my words and gains insights about dealing with their own emotional pain… then great!

If nothing else, Svasti allows me a creative outlet for my inner world. And my goal is to eventually reach a place where this assault no longer has a negative impact on me in any way.

Wishing you many blessings,