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Spreading in all directions
No beginning, no end
Or starting place
Located nowhere and everywhere
Present in each molecule
Sometimes I forget where I’ve been – a game of cosmic hide & seek
Until I laugh aloud and sense my Self
Ah!! Here I Am!!

But sometimes I forget a lot
My hiding place feels like home
Until the dream is over
Waking is such joy & plain, freedom & release, tears & laughter
Ofcourse! How could I have thought otherwise?
All along, I really knew

Indescribably falling, spreading, lifting, awake, open, thrilling, clear, sane
Calm erupts in the bindu
Energetically connecting
Like a flood – powerful, everywhere, nowhere
No here, but present

Why do I laugh & cry simultaneously?
I am free but how could I not have known?
I am Siva, as are all (don’t forget this)
The folly of this life is hilarity
How did I get to this place?
So imagined, so separated?

How is it I forget?
So ecstatic, amused, amazed and desperate (don’t forget this)
Tis but a visit this time (don’t forget this)
But how do I not?

Who is doing anything?
Where is that located?
Nowhere in this world, surely not
This is so

If I is not here, not there
Then I is inseparable
I is all that, all this
I can’t be NOT
I is spreading, flooding
Endlessly all places, changeable, mutable
The currents mistake themselves as I
And think themselves solid
Ha ha!

Find the beginning of an ocean, will you?
Ha ha!
Even trying will exhaust you, will confuse you
Just see the ocean
Not each droplet
And accept the flow
As it is

(from a MASSIVE night of meditation)