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This is a special request from Teddy & Pencil to post a picture of my old teddy bear ~ George Edward ~

George Edward the teddy bear

When I mentioned that I still had my bear, they asked to see him.

Since I’m packing my house up at the moment, I promised I would once I found him!!

So here he is, a little dishevelled but not too badly. I think I got him in my late teen years (believe it or not)!

He’s been a bit of a companion bear and I just couldn’t bring myself to part with him. So he remains a part of my household, even if I don’t play with him like I used to.

Teddy & Pencil – I hope you like!!

For anyone else reading this – do you still have any of your childhood toys? If so, post them somewhere for others to enjoy! 😀

P.S. Now the weekend is over, I am finally starting to feel better. So, I think that putting “Ground zero” in writing has helped me, but its just taken a little longer to show the benefits. Probably because the emotional hit was so much larger. I think that’s the worst of it now, even though there’s alot more to tell yet! So thanks for listening everyone… xoxo