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For the next 5 weeks I’ll be overseas on my yearly yoga retreat, and possibly not getting the chance to post very much.

I still have so many stories to tell, but right now I have other things to take care of. It seems I’ve been doing alot of things for other people for the last few years. And its time for me to take care of me. If I  get the chance, I’ll sit down and type up the varied stories percolating within, waiting to take form in prose and poetry.

I’m going to a very remote part of Thailand. My yoga school formed a company and bought some land there to create a retreat center for our purposes and its very much not a commercial venture. Its located in the far north east of Thailand. There’s no address, no running water or electricity – just a dam and bucket showering. We do have some bamboo huts apparently, but its camping and roughing it all the way (yeah!). And plenty of fruit trees. As well as meditation and yoga, we’ll be working to build a few more of the structures we need – there’ll be a group of at least 50 of us yogis and yoginis.

So please enjoy the previous posts I’ve written til I next get some time to find my way back to a computer.

Hari Om!

~ Svasti