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Why hello!

My last night in Bangkok before flying home and I thought I’d pay my blog a little visit. Thanks to those who’ve been coming to read it whilst I’ve been away.

Until I’m safely back home, I wanted to share this lovely view with you – its the view from our yoga hall towards the east. The cloud cover over the mountain is the most beautiful thing, revealing and obscuring the massive size of it. The view is something that looks like a movie set, its so perfect.

So, I’ve been on retreat for four weeks and many things have changed. Many remain the same. And I’ve had a week of absolute joy in both Bangkok and down south on an island called Koh Semet. I have much to tell, many insights to share.

But for now I beg of you to enjoy the view I’ve been breathing in for the last month. I hope it brings you some inspiration as it has for me.

Namaste 🙂