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I blush when I get too much attention. Well, actually there’s a few other reasons I blush, but let’s keep it clean, shall we? Ahem.

So… the lovely Trini Girl Blue has been handing out the blog awards over at her blog.

I agree with some of the comments there, this award business is definitely a great way to find out what other people are reading and possibly add to your RSS reading list. As if I need to add to mine, creaking away with hundreds of blogs I try to read already – not that it stops me.

And ofcourse, its just lovely to be noticed. Especially at the moment, when I need all the encouragement I can get. Cheers!

I’m having trouble however, choosing blogs to pass this award onto at present – so many to choose from.

And I’m going to blame the antibiotics I’ve been taking for my persistent gooey ear infection. I NEVER take drugs if I can help it yet I’ve just finished two courses, been to the doctor to complain things aren’t getting any better, and been subscribed “a whole different class of antibiotics”. Let’s just hope this lot don’t give me the runs like the outgoing “class”. Grrr.

Also, I’ve just been at the flicks watching “In Bruges” – a darkly amusing tale full of violence balanced with the beauty of Bruges. Its quite a fitting movie for me at the moment. Surprisingly, Colin Farrell was actually half-way decent too.

What else? Umm, no one has called me today. I had a flurry of calls on Monday from recruiters about potential jobs with various companies which was exciting and today… nothing. Nada.

If someone has a magic wand that both kills ear infections dead and manifests a new job – please wave it in my general direction! đŸ˜‰