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Today I had a phone reading with my Vedic astrologer. She lives in the US, and this is my second reading Josie (like most people I name on this blog, that’s not her real name).

The first reading was in person, but by necessity this one was an international call – thanks phone cards!

I’d kind of forgotten it was meant to be this weekend which is somewhat amusing. Why? Well, there’s been a bit of a raging debate over at GO! Smell the Flowers in which I’ve been one of the, um… is the right word protagonists? Or perhaps just captain of debating team A on the “For” side of astrology?

I’m definitely NOT suggesting anyone has to believe in astrology, but my main point is that from those experiences I’ve received very useful and accurate information. Not all of it is 100% accurate ofcourse, because the future does change depending on the choices we make. But in terms of describing past, current and near future events, I tend to find Vedic astrology works best.

Also… from my viewpoint, I tend not to harshly criticise something I haven’t experienced for myself, nor do I like to disparage others for what they’ve experienced. This is partly what I objected to so strongly on GSTF.

Anyhow, moving right along…

I booked a session with Josie not long after I got back from overseas, knowing I’d hit a major cross-road in my life and not knowing what to do about it. Little did I realise at that time just how HUGE it was gonna turn out to be, what with the can’t-get-a-job-to-save-my-life situation, the family stuff and the rest…

However I screwed up the first booking because whilst I’d got the time difference right, I’d called a day too early forgetting that her Saturday was my Sunday. And I’d made plans the next day so I couldn’t keep my appointment and had to wait three more weeks. Not happy, Jan! (That’s a very Australian reference).

So this morning it was. Adding to the time difference issue; last night the clocks moved forward an hour for Daylight Savings. Given the astounding lack of capacity my brain has for numbers I had to hold fast to the idea that if I didn’t change my clock forward and still called at the time according to that clock, I’d be okay. Small miracles!

Josie is kind of my whole yoga school’s number one astrologer or Jyotish. She’s also very good friends with my Guru, and understands that his students aren’t interested in the usual astrology questions so much as the spiritual kind. She’s a little bit ‘out there’ like an old stoned hippy, but she’s very accurate and intuitive.

In fact, the first thing she says to me is: Oh, you’re at a VERY big cross-road! You’re right in the middle of a sandhi.

Sandhi is a Sanskrit term meaning gap/space between two objects. This can be useful for some things, such as meditation. But it’s not so great for trying to make anything happen in the external world.

Apparently the planet ruling careers has been in a transit in my chart, and so not really available. According to the prashna, there’s no way I was going to get a job during this time. But just recently it moved to a ‘much better place’ in my chart and Josie thinks I should be offered a job pretty imminently. [please please!]

However, I’m either gonna be in this job for a short period of time and then get one I really like, or I’ll have a bit of a tough time in it for a while but in December or January things will pick up.

The best news of all – which I knew about last time – is that next year I move into a new planetary cycle for seven years which is meant to be a very powerful time for me. The cycle I’m in right now is Moon, which is debilitated and weak in my birth chart so it was never going to be a fun time for me for anything other than following my spiritual practices. At the very beginning of the Moon cycle is when I met my Guru – but other than that my life fell to pieces.

Such as, I broke up with my then fiancé. Then hot on the tails of that, I had a very hot and heavy affair. The end of that relationship spurred me on to the depths of depression and thoughts of hurting myself. After some travel and more contact with my Guru in the UK, I met and fell in love with someone and I couldn’t believe my luck. But then he decided we’d be better as friends and I spent the next several years being in love with him whilst retaining our friendship. Which was great, but also really sucked until I stopped being in love with him.

I think I’ve discussed some of my other bad relationships in other posts here including the grand finale of being assaulted. But basically I travelled further and further into my spiritual practices and at the same time my relationships have sucked majorly – when I’ve had them at all!

Apparently this is mostly the fault of my debilitated moon. Darn moon! It’s also the moon that’s caused the endless instability in my life (e.g. moving more times than I care to remember). Oh, and it’s supposed to mean that I’m meant to marry a foreigner.

Josie also picked up on my depression – which I never mentioned to her – saying oh yes, your moon placement shows it’s very easy for you to be brought down emotionally, and things are never as bad as you think they are. But right now you’re depressed and it’s hard for you to see things any other way.

But she says hang tight – changes of a very good kind are on their way come January. It’s meant to be a time of great empowerment and change for me. I’ll know myself more deeply. There’ll be much career success and a change of career into the things I’ve always wanted to do – out of the corporate world and into the world of things like acupuncture or permaculture. Eventually I’m meant to be a teacher of “ancient oral traditions” of some kind.

Unfortunately, 2009 doesn’t look so rosy for relationships… more aloneness! But there will be more overseas travel, more time in Thailand at our retreat center.

There’s more ofcourse, but it’s a little more private so I won’t publish it here.

However – a final note on astrology charts and readings.

Generally, they show expected outcomes, and unless a person puts in some serious effort, their near future according to a reading is unlikely to change. Certain events in time periods further out can and will change, however some are more difficult to impact.

But my Guru gets very frustrated with his students if we stick too religiously to our charts and what “Josie said…” Regardless of the number of times she’s predicted events for us in the past.

His expectation is that as yogis and yoginis, we can and will impact our karmas through our practice. And as such, it’s possible to “jump off your chart” and change the future.

For example, every reading my Guru has ever had said he was supposed to have died of a heart attack already and that he’d never have children. I think Jyotish’s still look at his chart and wonder how he’s alive, not to mention his wife and gorgeous son.

So, I guess the key to any reading is to respect it, but not see it as written in stone. Certainly however, it’s helped me understand what’s just been happening as well as the near future.

In any case, I’ll keep you informed as to the accuracy of this particular reading.