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This is gonna be a very short post. No, it really is!!

Just wanted to share what could have been a disastrous morning and how a little miracle turned things around.

I was running for the bus. I saw it there. The driver saw me. But he’d already pulled away from the “official” bus stop. He was however, stopped at the lights. I banged on the window but he blew me off. Nope, wasn’t gonna let me on.

Problem with that was there’s only two buses an hour from my parents’ place to the train station. The next one would have made me late for the temp job I’m doing today (yep, more work coming in!).

So as I stood there, trying to ring for a cab (I’m sorry, the office hours for 13 Cabs are 9am-5pm – are you kidding me?!), I shout out a quick prayer.

Now, my friend Dr Jay doesn’t like the word ‘prayer’. But I think its non-denominational. At least, as far as I’m concerned anyway. So I simply asked for a miracle. Pretty much those words.

The next thing I know, there’s a woman in a car trying to catch my eye, asking by mime if I want a lift. She’d seen me standing there (although she hadn’t seen the bus take off) and turned her car around to check.

And wouldn’t you know it, she was going exactly in my direction.

So Beverley, I hope you enjoy your job today working on the school crossing. And I wish you many blessings for your kindness!