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I’ve been off the air most of the last two days. Things have been a tad hectic.

And I’m sorry to say I have been holding out on y’all a little. So here it is – a synopsis of the last week, with a focus on my Thursday and Friday…

The other week I wrote about my most recent Vedic astrology phone reading on Sunday and some of the predictions that I was given.

One of the main things I was interested in, is if I was EVER gonna get a job again any time soon. Now, in my post about the reading, I wrote: “Josie thinks I should be offered a job pretty imminently“. Imminently was my interpretation of what she actually said – which was, “I won’t be surprised if you get a job this week“.

I didn’t convey exactly what she said because you know, I was lacking confidence. Not in Josie’s prediction, just in myself. And it was a pretty definite statement. But guess what??

Yep! I FINALLY HAVE A NEW JOB!! Start Monday. Whoo hoo!! πŸ™‚

I had my first interview with them on Tuesday afternoon. The fact this interview happened at all was amazing, since I’d somehow managed to include an old email address with my job application. Doh! Quite unforgivable for someone who’s a geek. So they were trying to email me and getting a permanent bounce. Luckily for me, they actually bothered to pick up the phone and call me anyhow.

I was booked in for an hour, but when we looked up it was ten minutes short of two hours. I met with the company owner and their Business Development Manager. Things definitely felt positive, but I’ve been there before in recent times, so I wasn’t gonna believe it just yet.

But in that session, they asked for my references and told me they wanted to see me for a second interview. As I was leaving, the guy who owns the company said: “I feel like we’ve all had a really great connection“. Sounded a little like what you might say after a good first date! But… so far, so good.

Then I got the call about another day of temp work on Thursday. And then I had my morning saved by a very kind human being. The temp work was pretty much doing nothing all day and getting paid for it. Sweet!

Thursday night my friend L and I had tickets to a gig (awesome reggae band called the Black Seeds).

In the afternoon, I checked my emails to find out I’d been asked back in for a second interview on Friday. I said yes ofcourse. BUT I didn’t have any suitable interview clothes with me… so after I finished doing nothing all day at 5pm, I hurried over to the big mall near L’s work.

Once again, I said a couple of quick prayers – let me find something to wear for tomorrow’s interview, let me find it quickly and make sure it goes with my black leather boots (the only footwear I had with me).

As many of you gals out there well know, shopping for something specific in a short timeframe isn’t always easy. But I found a funky little black dress and some accessories within thirty minutes!

Unbeknownst to me, L had told a certain boy of our plans for the evening. The one who recently caused me some confusion. He kinda invited himself along. So the three of us had drinks, then dinner (which the boy went out of his way to pay for). Then t’was off to the gig. My word, I had no idea Kiwis could rock the reggae so well! I was a bliss zombie before the night was out – we crashed around 2am.

But good news about the state of confusion – I have no idea what this boy’s motives are, but I’ve definitely decided he’s not for me. He plays things way too coy which aint good for a straight shooter. I need things to be a little more upfront than that! So I’m just going to enjoy his friendship and that’s all. [Relief!]

Friday morning I rocked up for my interview in my cute ‘n’ funky outfit and was pretty much offered the job straight up. This time I was in there for almost four hours – talking through some more of my experience, looking at some technical stuff and then they took me out to lunch! Its a very small business full of smart and friendly people. Think I’m gonna like it there.

The money is actually a little more than I wanted, and my first day on Monday will be a road trip to meet some clients a couple of hours out of town, tagging along with the Business Development Manager.

It will be different, working with only a handful of people instead of the large corporate world I’ve come from. But I think its definitely a good thing, and a much needed change from “same-same” experienced in large companies with so much corporate bullshit and red tape.

And then three for three – on hearing the good news, my parents decide to spring for dinner. Perhaps they’re just glad that soon I’ll be getting out of their hair?? πŸ˜‰

So yay! I wanted to thank those of you who’ve been listening to me mope and complain here. New adventures await…