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Apparently, I’m an Official Flower Smeller! It must be awards season or something!

One of my new online hangout zones is the GO! Smell the Flowers blog.

There’s a bunch of contributing authors, and an active community commenting and interacting with each other.

The people commenting there don’t necessarily agree with each other all the time, but that’s kind of half the fun. Its a great place for some general online nattering. And I find it a useful outlet for stuff that isn’t necessarily topical for my blog, but that I like to write about/discuss anyway.

Blog topics include: Health, Inspiration, Food, Media, People and Places.

Anyways, the rules of this award are:

  1. If you are awarded the flower smeller badge then publish it on your blog, and award it to 5 others by writing a post with links to the 5 blogs or websites that you choose.
  2. You can award this badge to a maximum of 5 people per month from now until eternity as and when you come across more flower smellers.
  3. Link to the post where your award was announced so people can find the origin of the award and find their way to the GSTF community.
  4. Proudly display the Flower Smeller award with a link to the post that you wrote announcing your award.
  5. All flower smellers – be prepared to be approached to write a 500 word account of yourself to feature in the GSTF 2009 book – it could happen to you!!

What a heady power to be able to pass this award onwards! And I will, all in good time…

Right, very shortly this blog will get back to its regular programming.

There’s a small backlog of topics just dying to get out of my head and into the pixellated universe here…  😀