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Today dear readers, is Melbourne Cup Day – the race that stops a nation (that last bit is apparently a trademark)! It is also a public holiday, but only in the venerable deep southern state of Victoria. Although the other states tend to treat it as a half day with a boozy lunch and don’t do much work past twelve. They should really get the day off too.

I think Melbourne is one of the only towns in the world to put such importance on a horse race as to make it a day off for its citizens. Do you know of any others?

It’s always the first Tuesday in November – which means if you can get the Monday off (most people do) then you get a four day weekend.

Personally I am no fan of horse racing. All that horse flesh being traded for billions until they break a fetlock… I can’t stomach it. And all the dressing up to the nines only to get trashed and ugly… to me it seems so pointless.

But for many in this wide brown land, Cup Day is a heaven sent day of betting and booze, and a much needed reason to kick up one’s heels given the last footy grand final of the year has ended and the cricket hasn’t begun to warm up properly yet.

But instead of waxing on about horses, what I’d really like to discuss right now is dinosaurs. More specifically my new favourite blog for giggles – Dinosaur Comics.

It’s basically a few dinosaur characters running around stomping on houses and chatting. The images don’t change much from comic to comic but what the ‘saurs talk about varies widely. Here’s an example that tickled my funny bone:

So on Cup Day, don’t go out and bet on poor horses that are only as good as their next race.

Invest in a laugh or two with Dinosaur Comics instead!

Full disclosure: I know nothing of this site or the author, I’m just giving it a plug coz discovering it made my day and its now firmly embedded in my RSS reader.