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I’m having a few issues right now of the spiritual/non-corporeal kind. Sort of.

On top of a new job, moving home, and generally dealing with lots of stuff, things they are a-changing in ways I can’t put my finger on (see Carbon based lifeform 2.0).

I’m finding when I do have two seconds to rub together, and slow down, life starts to get weird. Well, perhaps not that weird for a practicing yogi. But still, it is weird mostly because I’m not doing a lot of intense sadhana right now. But things are changing anyway and I’m falling into the gaps somewhat…

My Guru lives in Thailand, and right now I only see him once a year (if I’m lucky). To supplement, many students rely on recorded teachings – mostly stuff we were present for (good to get a repeat dose), but also other teachings that were held in San Francisco when we weren’t. He gets back there once or twice a year. Which kind of makes me wonder why the heck I’m not listening to the pleas of my yogi brothers and sisters and moving over there already?!

I digress. So I’ve been listening to recorded teachings, as I do regularly. But I’m especially dependent on them now as it’s kinda tricky to identify where I’m at on the path by myself.  Not that there’s a path. And not that there’s any ‘progression’. Of course.

Because I’ve been putting in all this iPod listening time, I’ve re-discovered some absolute gems in terms of insights and discussions on the human condition. There are plenty of gems, but these ones are striking a chord for me right now. They’re relatively general, yet practical for yogis and non-yogis alike.

And I’ve been transcribing some of it!

So, in addition to my other ramblings here, I’m gonna run a series of posts sharing some of the wisdom I’m lucky enough to have access to.

Not sure if I’ll get time this weekend (what with the move and all), but some time in the next couple of weeks, they should start to appear.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.



P.S. The image above is from a book called “Sky Dancer: The Secret Life & Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel” by Keith Dowman. Its an incredibly beautiful book that I highly recommend.