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Colourful broad strokes paint a pastiche of lively expressions within a handful of postcodes radiating and pulsing… meshing and manoeuvring… peacefully nestling into each other – this is my local area.

Part of a larger graffiti piece in Prahran, Melbourne (Vic, Aust)I’ve lived here before, several times in fact. First as a nineteen year old filly, unsure and clueless, escaping from rather extreme brotherly torment, my main concern. Oh, and partying. Second – on return to this hometown of mine, before fleeing the scene of the trauma. I ran full tilt from a place I loved, desecrated and tinged with sadness and panic.

Returning once again and with fresh eyes and mostly healed… this time primarily touring on foot and two wheels. Mode of transport changes my view, how I caress my world visually… seeking tender details with renewed intimacy.

Recent times have brought pain, darkness and confusion where I’d thought those experiences burnt through. Yet… this home of mine – my boomerang world – returns to me as I do to it… welcoming me with signs of love.

This is a nine smiles an hour zoneSome are hidden, others overt for all to see. Some are subtle, winking and smirking warmly. The message is always the same – glad you’re back… we see, we care, we smile with your wins and we’re here no matter how many times you leave. Welcome home.

This quirky cluster of localities is an important hub of Melbourne’s mixing pot: artists, label queens, students, nouveau rich, street walkers, Orthodox Jews, old money, dog walkers and cyclists, status lovers, Glicks famous bagels, heritage listed buildings, places and trams, tourist strips and alternative businesses shrugging off corporate constraints…

Within the longitude and latitude of my birthplace, where I don’t belong so much… it’s as close to home as it comes.


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