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My niece posing for a picture and literally saying cheese

Thought I’d share some gratuitous cuteness with y’all – my baby niece who’s now about 21 months old. That’s her above with the cheesy grin, showing off her teeth.  🙂

This pic was taken last weekend when my sister (six months pregnant and really popping out!) and the little munchkin came to check out my new home. It was the first time in ages its just been my sis and me. Plus one, of course.

Suddenly she’s gotten all interactive. Very chatty now, saying a few cute lispy words in her baby soft voice.

Giving my sister a break I became the key picker-upper of the munchkin as we roamed my place, looked for the cat under the bed, and tried to find things to grab (hadn’t quite managed to baby-proof everything). Even called me ‘mama’ mistakenly and begged for me to pick her up.

Can’t say I hated any of that…

The day she was born – in March ’07 – was such a miracle to me. And here’s a miraculous picture I took…

My niece the day she was born

It was bucketing down rain (in some cultures that’s considered a great blessing)… but there she was. Small, perfect and beautiful. A ray of sunshine in the depths of my depression. For months I spent nearly every weekened at my sister’s place just hanging out, watching her grow and change.

So last weekend I grabbed my camera to update the already voluminous library of her baby photos. There’s no shortage of those… poor thing’s had cameras shoved in her face from the day she was born. Not that she seems to mind. In fact anecdotes from my sister’s mothers’ group suggests all young kids these days learn to pose for photos as a matter of course.

And this pic actually, was taken on the munchkin’s request. Get this – she motions for me to pick up the camera.

Then, as I’m getting ready to take the shot, all on her own with no prompting… softly she says: cheeeeaaaaassssse

Right at the precise moment the button on the camera went click.