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A certain someone (remaining nameless to protect the hypocritical) jokingly accused me of ripping content I’d used in private conversations for blog post material. Well, derr! πŸ˜‰

Hence the title of this post… something I Twittered earlier today.

Its two days before Christmas – and don’t forget, folks, its summer down here in the wonderful land of Oz – and I’m sick.

The whole left right (there goes my dyslexia) side of my throat feels like I’ve got a huge chunk of heated metal shoved down my mouth and lodged there, kinda underneath my jawline. Glands are up, throat is raging, and my head feels kinda mushy.

Went for a short walk down to the corner shop earlier and well, it wasn’t exactly an experience of normality. And just now, I awoke from a deep sleep and its only 9.30pm.

I’m not a very good sick patient. I sulk, a little. I’m a touch pathetic. Makes me wish I didn’t live alone – oh, for a compassionate (and hot) male nurse to bring me endless pots of green tea and tend to my every whim! (All I want for Christmas…)

But I digress.

I wanted to introduce two of my favourite sore throat fighting weapons – they’re usually very effective, but today… not so much. Clearly these germs haven’t run their course, and need further applications.

Sore throat weapon #1: Turmeric & sea salt gargle

Tumeric gargle - great for sore throats!This is an Ayurvedic remedy.

Mix up some warm water, sea salt and turmeric. Don’t ask me for measurements – I pretty much just shove in there whatever seems to be right.

It’s disgusting – but make a big glass. Then systematically, suck a mouthful back at a time and gargle for as long as you can stand it. Repeat. Eventually you’ll wanna rinse your mouth with plain water.

If you don’t have turmeric, try cayenne pepper.

Sore throat weapon #2: Neti pot

Neti pot - for sinus and nose/throat healthFolks, let me introduce you to my neti pot. Sure, it kinda looks like a mini watering can. And it is – just not for plants.

It’s my bestest friend on the health front after yoga and meditation. It’s also a tool of dinacharya (as is gargling really) – the daily practice of taking care of your physical body and health (which I only tend to do parts of).

Perhaps it’s not immediately obvious, but there’s a major connection between the health of the sinuses and the throat. I mean, think about it… the sinuses are filters that do their best to keep all the unwanted external world goop from permeating our bodies. But eventually it accumulates and then… drip, drip, drip… your throat is the first port of call.

So, good sinus health = good throat and then lung health.

Note: It’s best to get a proper run down from someone before having a go at this for yourself. But just briefly, you create a salt water mixture that’s around body temperature and about as salty as your tears. If burns, the mixture is too salty.

To start, tilt your head to one side, insert the nozzle in your nostril and let the water flow out through the other one. Not out your mouth. Once you’re halfway through the water supply, swap nostrils and reverse the flow.

This can be repeated as many times as necessary although it’s important to clear out the excess water in between – which includes much blowing of the nose and some bastrika breath performed bent over with your head down.

Neti can be performed every day if required although it’s a good idea to consider your dosha (constitution) first – for some people… all that water on the brain ain’t a good idea!

It can however, feel quite amazing. Not just in the sinuses either.

So… this is what I’ll be doing again very shortly. Trying in desperation to: a) make it to my team’s Christmas lunch tomorrow (knock off at 12 noon), and; b) ensure I’m in one piece on the 25th for the annual family seafood cook up (seafood is a better option than heavy roast dinner in summer)…