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We both know its coming… ba-bump, ba-bump… I need you, I really do, yet – where can I find you?

Like a dream, something slithered ’round the corner… dark flutter of your coat perhaps? Perilous times, when you’re close… possibly you might surprise me instead. Throat clenching… aching heart… scent raising my hackles.


So I run.

You’re not my reflection… can’t see you in the mirror, hiding so close in… I know you’re around. Concealed.

Never do we lock step, but we must (at some point) be in tune. How do we, how do we get there? Death is your gift so it seems… life draining, blood boiling, pin prickling hair strands, tearing freshly made pink flesh loose… but not really.

The key to my locket… the one you won’t try… awaits only sometimes. Moments, only moments… the stars align and masks withdrawn, it’s possible just right then. And then. And, then…

Must be another way.

How to bring the combination that clicks… freedom?

Come softly, come this way, oh please, I can bear it, if I know you’re coming, just don’t sneak up, give me warning.

Just… a clue?