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Just a quick post to share a snapshot of my brand new baby niece. Born on Monday 23rd February.

Since her older sister was a whopper (weighing in at near 11lb) we were expecting ‘big things’ with this one. For that reason, as well as my sister’s gestational diabetes, this little one was brought into the world a couple of weeks early.

Just as well though, given her birth weight was 7lb 13oz (3.56kg) and she measured 51cm! Basically, she was already the size of a full term new born –  but to us she looked very little given her sister’s large birth weight.

She’s the sweetest little thing!

Interestingly, my sister discovered that she has a sixth toe on one foot! Just like her paternal grandfather, according to my brother-in-law. For no other reason than because in our society we wear shoes, the sixth toe will probably have to come off when she’s a little older.

And she was named for my brother-in-law’s mother. He’s Morroccan, and so my nieces, with their fair-haired mother and dark-skinned father, are utterly gorgeous.

The older neice wasn’t impressed with the new arrival at first, but now she’s in love with her, too. The pic below is a very precious moment when she decided her new sister wasn’t so bad after all…

Totally darn-tootin’ cute!!