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Okay, I wasn’t gonna do this, but it was suggested that I turn a comment I left on someone else’s blog into a post… so here it is… and if you don’t like it, blame someone else!

That comment was:

There’s probably a cookie in every batch that never quite gets eaten as a cookie. Its only ever consumed as dough. Does the cookie feel like it never reached its potential?

I mean, you mix up a bunch of cookie dough to make something tasty (my grandma’s Coconut Cookies are to die for and yes, I have the recipe. But no, I’m not posting it here!).

Some come out perfectly shaped on the tray. Others, not so much. Some are bigger. Or smaller. Or more oddly shaped. Then they get baked – some are burnt, others a little soft, and some are the perfect balance of crispiness and sugary goodness. The moreish ones. I mean, they’re all still good pretty much, but those undeniably awesome ones are… mmmm.

And then there are Forgotten Ones. They never make it out of the mixing bowl or off the spatula. Why? Why? No complex reasoning required: just that the cook got a little hungry. And there’s nothing as delicious as freshly made cookie dough, that you know you should turn into a cookie. But it never happens. That cookie is… just lost.

But is that cookie dough resentful? Does it miss having its full life of being shaped, baked, cooled (perhaps), and eaten? Do the slightly imperfect ones feel jealous? Are the very perfect ones wracked with both superiority complexes, and fear of their life being cut short because of their perfection?

Sometimes when I’m making cookies, these kinds of questions arise… true story!