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What’s better? The safe, well-worn path? Or the exciting trail-blazing one? What about the middle way?

Does the answer depend on where you’re at in your life? I tend to think so…

But what if you can’t choose? What if you’re stumped and there’s no hint as to your next move?

Well, if you’re a geeky dork like me, you make a pros and cons list. Then, if you’re also a visual geeky dork, you make a chart to help you see clearly.

My life choices as a graph. Not as helpful as I'd hoped.

Pretty, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t help.

Is the path with the biggest risk, but most possibilities the best one to take (option 3)? Try my luck? See what happens?

Then, there’s playing it safe (option 1). Will things just work themself out, anyway? What about the risk in not sticking with this option?

Or there’s option 2, somewhere in the middle. Is that a big enough gamble to reap the benefits?

Based on this very brief analysis, its either option 1 or 3…

I’m still very confused. But now, I have a pretty organge graph to represent that confusion.

Then, not choosing at all is a bad place to be. And in effect, chooses for me.

Or, perhaps I’m asking the wrong questions? Considering the wrong options?