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The skies, they opened up today and completely saturated the kingdom of Melbourne, in the region of Victoria, municipality of Ozstraaaylia.

The day started out fine before the skies darkened, and the downpour began. Its all blue skies again now, though.

Melbourne: if you don’t like the weather, just wait a while…
~Most Melbournites

It was a good thing, y’know, since we’ve been in drought for absolutely years and years. So we never complain.

‘Cept I was out and about and coulda been struck by the mad lightning accompanying the gloriously rumbly thunder!!

Stuck as I was in the city for an hour before I could attempt to make my way home. Me and the bike, actually. Got as far as 10 minutes from my place during a break in the rain. Had to wait again. Then, bought a $2 poncho, accepting I wasn’t gonna make it home entirely dry. I did okay though…

Then, it was on to my brand new invention on Twitter – #Foodie Friday.

Everyone’s been doing Follow Friday there for yonks (yawn!). So I thought it was time to try something new.

One of my friends thought it was some kind of event (well it was, just a private one). And I ended up having a food conversation with someone I’ve never met whose first tweet to me was: You are making me salivate and wishing for a teleport to your house.

Hehe 😉

Most of the cooking is in honour of my yoga school. Tomorrow we have our last class before term break, and we’re all meant to bring a dish. But no one said I couldn’t bring two!

Plus, I wanted to roast up a pork shoulder that’d been patiently waiting in my fridge saying eatmeeatme! every time I opened the door (y’see, its not true that all yogis are vegetarian. Not at all!!).

With little else to do in this weather, I began cooking, and entertaining myself by Tweeting about it. Hehe.

And what did I make, exactly?

Roast pork, basted with ghee, rubbed with salt & sprinkled with rosemary

(for moi)

Almond & apricot bliss balls

(for my yoga school)

Here’s the recipe if you wanna make ’em yourself!

And finally, some incredibly tasty hummus

(for my yoga school, thank goodness coz the recipe makes A LOT)

The recipe is in a seperate post

And now its time to sit down with some hummus and do my yoga studies homework.

Happy weekend, everybody.