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Like valiant soldiers, Words tiredly march onward, but they’re slipping and no longer lock-step with Mind.

Which is having trouble itself. Just a tricksy interface at best, hammily acting as middle-man between the world and Self… and fighting a losing battle.

Actually, I’m not sure what betrays what, or when. For sure, they’re both betraying Self at crucial junctures.

Self knows better, but Mind rebels. Or Words spout unwise utterings against the wishes of both Self and Mind.

Sometimes, it’s just carnage with a mile-wide blood trail.

Mind, Self and Words curse each other like kids. Mind always thinks it knows best, though its not as wise as it wants to believe.

Words are often hot-headed and overly-expressive, saying things that just don’t help! But they run faster than Mind or Self at times and there’s no stopping them – hurtful, wistful and angry things, not to mention stuff Mind and Self just don’t mean at all.

Making a mockery of everything they’re attempting to achieve. Not that Mind can boast!

It rejects discipline and what it knows, because sometimes neglect of Self is Mind’s only means of rebellion. Though, against what, I just don’t know!

‘Course, Words say things of beauty, too. They’re all capable of that, but that’s when everyone’s playing nice.

Self is perhaps, the biggest problem of the lot. It has the best insights, knows what Mind and Words should be focusing on, but more often than not… says too little. Self is too frequently, one of those pain-in-the-ass back-seat drivers.

Kinda hate those.

But its worse when one or all of them back each other into a corner. No room to move and it’s hard to see the clear path out.

So for now, they’re mooching like unemployed clowns. Waiting and niggling. Steeped in their own madness, stubbornly ignoring each other.

If only one would apologise to the others. That’d help so much!

Bizarrely, they all really want the same thing. Unity. Togetherness. But how to organise it all in a way that works for everyone?

Ain’t that an age-old question?

Words wanna talk about it from each and every angle. Describe, emote, complain, exalt.

Mind hashes and re-hashes, assumes, and creates pantomimes built on doubt and misunderstanding, more often than not.

Self… just wants to sit and breathe, with everything perfectly still. To catch the moment between moments and perhaps right there, discover where it all began. Waaaay too boring for the others.

Encouraging these guys to get along is one of the neatest parlour tricks of all!