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We say – it’s not the same as it used to be – or – it’ll never be the same again – about stuff we don’t like. Rarely do we say it about anything that makes us happy, right?

But actually nothing is ever, in fact, quite the same.

You’re not the same as you were yesterday – a gazillion cells in your body have died and been replaced (or not), the day is a different day, everything has grown or decayed just a little more, it’s a little older (never younger) or more decrepit, things move closer together or further apart, or something’s been completed.

Nothing is ever the same.

A little while back I pulled a quote out from a recorded lecture by my Guru. Soon as I heard it, bells rang and I quickly wrote it down, then tweeted it. Then wrote it here. But it rings truer and truer all the time.

Things don’t get better, they just get different.

Right. Different. Last week was different, and this week again, is very different.

So, things are different all the time. But they don’t have to be totally different, do they? I mean, they can be. But they don’t have to be…

Which brings me to these questions… Where do we go from here? How do we break this impasse? Can we get to that point of water under the bridge?

Of course, eventually it will be (water under the bridge) but what kind of water?

Nothing is ever the same, but that can be a good thing, too.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Let’s not give up, okay?