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Happy May Day folks!

In recent times, I was tagged by two lovely bloggers and a rabbit.

Well, the rabbit actually co-writes a blog with one of the lovely bloggers, but still… how often is it that a rabbit tags you with anything? Usually, they’re too busy eating lovely green food or carrots or philosophising or… I dunno what else rabbits do, actually. ‘Cept this rabbit sure can write (as can the bloggers)!

So, thank you muchly to the very wonderful Tricia and Marcy and Zoe (please go and check out both blogs).

But I hereby declare my intention to cheat… since I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve anyway and definitely on this blog. If I followed the rules of both memes I’d have to find another sixteen (six + ten) random/honest things to tell you about myself.

And I should be really clear – there’s probably a whole lotta things about me you don’t want to know! Oh yes, you should take my word on the matter. It’ll be better for everyone that way!

So, how about I just find ten random/honest things to share, and we’ll split the difference, okay folks?

  1. Yesterday I figured out the maximum number of full bags of shopping I can carry home on my bike is five. But that’s pushing it! And I refuse to put a basket on the front of my mountain bike, so that’s how its gonna stay.
  2. I was a vegetarian for most of my adult life – eighteen years to be exact! That changed two years ago, but I still haven’t told my family I eat meat now. Mostly, because I don’t want to be expected to eat it every time I go to their place (which I would be if I told them).
  3. My attention span is quite limited. Things need to look, smell, sound, taste or feel good to stop me drifting off… which is why there’s an awful lot of blogs I simply can’t read – the layout gives me a headache, there’s no formatting, paragraphs are too long, and people don’t edit. Of course, I’m not talking about any of the lovely readers of this blog!
  4. A Mormon blog linked to one of my recent posts (Stooges of Chaos) and that makes me feel a little funny in the pit of my stomach… since most Mormons/religious people would probably consider me to be rather heretical (I think!).
  5. I really can’t cook very well. Not consistently, anyway. Often my ‘cooking experiments’ either fail miserably or are kinda wonderful, and I have no idea how I made it taste so good. Right now, I am trying to teach myself how to cook, as I’m a bit neglectful/unimaginative when I’m cooking just for myself.
  6. There’s two flavours of ice-cream that vie for top billing as my favourite. I can’t decide though, between Connoisseur’s Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Honey Nougat.
  7. Little did I know when I wrote Body Scars (something I should really go back and edit), it would be the most popular post on this blog. It’s because I used the phrase ‘big boobs’ in it, having no idea at the time this gets searched, like… a lot. It’s had over 6,000 views alone. Mostly from very disappointed men, I imagine. It’s always a triumph for me, when another post gets more page views in a week that my ‘porn’ post! 😉
    I am pleased, however, that the third most popular post is EMDR and me.
  8. I run the gamut between being hyper-organised and a total disaster zone. On a good day, I’m pleasantly organised and very capable, even if I’m ridiculously forgetful. But you don’t wanna know me if I’m at either end of the scale (annoyingly proficient or completely slothful). It’s painful for everyone.
  9. Sometimes in person, I can come across as over-bearing and loud. Part of me finds that quite strange, as I’m also rather shy and nervous at times. It’s possible the loudness is a cover for the shyness, strange as that might seem.
  10. In my life, I’ve broken the following body parts: left forearm (both bones), right wrist, right thumb, left little toe, three ribs on front left, left second toe. I think that’s enough. I’ve seriously petitioned the universe to say, please, no more broken bones thanks! But then, let’s not even get started on all the soft-tissue injuries I’ve had as well (see previous ‘fact’ listed elsewhere on this blog about me and my clumsiness!)…

As usual, I’m gonna make this a self-tagging game. If you wanna play, then consider yourself tagged. My only rule is, let me know what you post!