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I know… I’m meant to be writing the post about my horrific eyebrow waxing experience, and that’s coming. But right now, I’m very distracted! Actually, I’m feverishly buzzing…

Its 1.30am and I’ve just come home from seeing my most favorite musician in the whole world!!

That would be Jeff Martin, formerly of The Tea Party. I’ve been a fan for over fifteen years. The man is a poet, a prolific musician and lyricist, he’s tall, dark ‘n’ handsome, has a fantastic Canadian accent, undeniable stage presence and to top it all off, he’s totally HOT!!

I stuck with Jeff through his solo years when The Tea Party broke up, saw all his solo/acoustic gigs, and watched as he worked new material in front of intimate audience groups. Then tonight, I had the honour of attending his very first official gig with his new band, The Armada.

They have a great big dirty, hard rock/world music sound with an awesome drummer (Wayne Sheehy) and bass guitarist (Jay Cortez). Their music rips through your entire body like a throbbing drum beat… it was a mind-blowingly awesome gig!

The new material was brilliant, but Jeff isn’t above playing his old hits too. The man rocks hard, then sings lullabies, takes it to the blues, and mixes in some Arabic sounds. When he sings softly, there’s not a sweeter sound, but when he lets rip, it’s one of the hardest rocking and best voices in rock ‘n’ roll today!

Okay, so have I drooled all over my blog enough yet? Hehe!!

No? Okay then, let me tell you how the night ended up!

After an amazing encore, one of the roadies came out and said Jeff and the band would be signing autographs etc, so to hang around. I didn’t have to be told twice!!

While lining up, I met the nicest woman and since I only had my mobile phone camera, she offered to take a picture of Jeff and me with her super-duper camera, and email it to me.

Jeff is just so generous with his fans (I tried my best to be cool, but I’m not sure I managed that 100%!) – for the photo he pulled his arm around my waist in a very cosy hug, resting his head on mine!! I have to say, I never like photos of myself, but I love this one! In it, I’m totally glowing with happiness. So, I should get it via email in the next couple of days (yippee!). I also have a signed tour poster (which will get framed)!

I even got to have a brief chat with Jeff, telling him how long I’ve been a fan, how happy I am he has his new band and thanking him for keeping on keeping on. Talked a little about how I love the way he blends in Arabic sounds as well as the stuff that really hits home for me.

He’s a genuine bona-fide rock star, and he’s also a very sweet and humble guy. And adorable!

One of the highlights of the night for me (besides pressing the flesh with JM), was when he sang Broken (link is to a fan recorded You Tube video).

I love this song because he sings it so sweetly, but also… the lyrics really speak to me as something that happens to us all from time to time, and its certainly somewhere I’ve been recently (sorta still there). Those lyrics are:

Can you hear her

In the wasteland

Hear her calling

Calling to you

From the wasteland

She feels broken


Because she can’t see the forest for the trees

So send a letter

Say you love her

Say you need her

In the wasteland

Can she hear you

Hear you calling

From the wasteland

You feel broken


Because you can’t see the forest for the trees

Words were spoken

Now love feels broken

Because you can’t seem to tell her what she needs

She feels broken


And you can’t seem to calm the stormy seas

She feels broken


Because she can’t see the forest for the trees

~Broken, by Jeff Martin

My ears are ringing, and I’m not sure if I’m gonna get much sleep tonight. But I’m ecstatically happy to have met one of my musical heroes (and a total hottie!)