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Seems there’s a bit of this going around – inspiring people I know in the blogosphere coming out of the woodwork to talk about their battles with depression. What a wonderful and rich community to be a part of!

Of course, there’s been BlissChick and I’ve already talked about her post(s) a lot (here and here).

Then, Brooks weighed in with a thought provoking piece – Soul Yoga – about releasing your stories, your truths.

And now Anthroyogini has written a long and personal post discussing her own death-roll with depression, and those things that did and didn’t help her recover.

To these fine ladies: I’m thankful you’ve shared freely on these sensitive issues. You’re all helping me to develop a deep-seated belief that I too, will one day be able to give depression the ass-kicking it deserves and send it on its way permanently.

To everyone else: Get over to their blogs and read this stuff, okay? And, if you’ve got your own story to add to the mix, write it up and let me know!

Om Shanti!