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I still don’t have a job. It’s all a bit of a tease right now… just missing out, hearing about this one and that one. But nothing confirmed for ongoing work.


However, seems I’m slowly and in miniscule ways (inch by inch even), developing a little bit of belief in myself…

Thanks in no small part to this blog, and of course to the lovely people who read my wild rantings here.

See, what’s just happened is this – last week, someone I used to work with (years ago) and who I’m Facebook friends with, posted a status update: Looking for a freelance writer who understands cyclists.

Wait-a-second…! That sounds like… it could be me!

Granted, I’ve never worked as a freelance writer. But I’ve done plenty of copywriting in other jobs I’ve had, both for websites and print materials.

Then of course, there’s this here blog. When I first started writing it, I gave myself permission to write without worrying too much about quality, with good reason.

For years as a high school student I was known for my writing, but the problem was… my mean old inner critic. Harsher than any of my teachers. I’d write and re-write and exhaust myself in the process. I was never happy with what I wrote, no matter what other people said.

So I stopped all together. Gave up the pursuit.

But this blog grew as something of an impulse – a very strong desire to save my sanity. And in writing endlessly here (with feedback from some of you good folk) my confidence in my writing abilities has grown. Slowly and tenderly.

So much so, that when I saw my friend’s status update, I was brave enough to suggest my services! She asked for some sample writing, but I didn’t have anything suitable (not sending stuff from my blog!). Said I’d put something together within a couple of days and submitted it by my self-imposed deadline.

Got an email the next day saying her boss was very happy with the sample, and they’d get back to me with a brief, some timings and to agree on a rate…

Someone is gonna pay me to write copy!!

Better still, it’s for a non-profit organisation that promotes cycling safety (right up my alley). Of course, it’s not yet a done deal, not until we’ve got some kinda agreement in writing. It’s a pretty good start though (here’s hoping my writing about it won’t jinx anything)!

Just today, I was asked to go to their offices for a briefing this Thursday. Yippee!

It’s only a one-off at this stage, but its something, right? And it could turn into more somethings? Yes? That’s what I thought!

And I’ve been thinking… perhaps this lack of work is all about me learning some kind of lesson. That, actually, I need to break away from the type of work life I’ve had to date? Become more flexible and independent in how I earn a living? Who knows, but that’s how I’m choosing to take it…

As such, I’ve decided to add another page to my blog (coming soon)! And it’ll be all about: Svasti for hire – copywriting, blog design, website production, SEO and digital marketing.

If you know anyone who’d like to hire a slightly neurotic, but highly creative yogini who’s got some kinda okay skills in the communication arena… send ‘em my way!

Oh, and I’m also gonna be doing some work for Anthroyogini sometime soon (when she sends me a brief!) on her upcoming big idea (which really is kinda cool).