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Yoga Bloggers Hall of Fame - Yoga Dork

Right, I’m gonna flaunt my connections to the glamorous world of the Yoga Bloggers Hall of Fame!

Things were all a-Twitter yesterday with a rumour (on the grapevine) there’d been a mention of the venerable Yoga Dork blog in the rather popular Yoga Journal magazine!

At first it was just hearsay, and then there was a confirmed sighting! Finally, there was extensive photographic proof!

Anyways, seems Yoga Dork wasn’t the only blogger I know who got a mention in the article. Not that I’m name-dropping or a groupie or anything, mind you…

But the article also included honourable mentions for Yoga, the Mind & Culture (Brooks)!!

Yoga Bloggers Hall of Fame - Brooks Hall

Okay, there were others too. Blogs I haven’t read before (but probably will now).

So how cool is that?!

I’ll tell you – its super-fantastico-cool!!

It’s like Yoga Journal have called a trend – they’ve picked the first generation of brat pack yoga bloggers out there doin’ their thang.

Have to wonder though, now these kids have been noticed… will life change drammatically overnight? Will they forsake their friends and long term readers for a brand new celebrity following? Will they become friends with Jennifer Aniston (noted yogi) on Facebook?

Suddenly, the world has so many possibilities!

Maybe their blogs will be turned into books and/or movies??

Ironically, this article about yoga blogs isn’t available on Yoga Journal’s website (doh!), which would’ve added some lovely back links to everyone’s blogs. Oh well…

Hopefully, at least a handful of the gazillion readers of Yoga Journal will carry their mag to their computer and faithfully type in each URL, find out more about the above-mentioned blogs and stay on.

Even if that’s like, 1% of their readership, that’ll still be heaps and heaps.

As for me, I’m getting ready to ride on their coat-tails, becoming part of the entourage, wearing over-sized brand name sunglasses, driving real fast to avoid all the paps and living off the fortunes of others! 😉

Or well… maybe not. But I’m still super-pleased for those who’ve gained a little attention for their excellent yoga-writing ways!