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Corner Collins & Swanston Streets, Melbourne

Vanilla flavoured suits disguising

Poorly hidden madness

Trying on blank slate faces

Pinstripes like disillusionment

Nothing reveals the sadness

Like dead eyes above

Tastefully expensive ties

No hair product, no lipstick

To conceal this blemish

Tension leads to numbness when

It can’t be understood

Searching finds a pint or two

And fear buys the next round

So I try to breathe compassion

And openness and love

But I’m only half awake and

Never sure which half

Asleep enough to empathise

Awake enough to care

Let’s colour your pinstripes purple

Sprinkle glitter in your hair

And look to where sun and sea

Sing pretty rhythms within

Bringing life to marble foyers

Clackety-clack tram tracks and

A skip in your step because

You know, oh you really do