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Well, it might be all grey skies in Melbourne right now, and yes, unfortunately we do have TomKat in residence, but regardless, I’ve been wearing a bit of a grin in the last week.

And no, it’s not because I’ve broken my Incredible Dateless Wonder streak (geez, I only wish!!).

BUT… I’m now officially a paid freelancer. My first copywriting gig is in the bag. Done and dusted. I’m so excited!

It was so nerve-wracking, taking that maiden voyage. Sure, it’s only copy and not a novel or anything, but hey – people still either like it or they don’t (read fear of rejection).

Feedback was slow initially, but then I was told ‘the work is good’ by my contact (the one I got the job through). While I’d submitted what I thought would be a first draft with several revisions to come, she tells me they only had minor changes because they really liked it! She then went on to ask me to submit my invoice.

My very first ever invoice as a professional writer. Yippee!

That day, I kinda walked down the street with a bit of a strut. Half not quite believing it, and half doing my best to not skip like a five year old child.

I know, it’s not really a huge deal in the greater scheme of things, but it is for me! Validation in the form of people valuing my writing and paying me for it!!

Then today I got a really nice email from the CEO of the foundation, which went something like this:

…thank you for the work you put in on the wording for our fundraising flyer, it was very much appreciated.

We made a couple of structural changes but in essence kept your wording and the basic flow of what you had put together.

It is now with our creative guys to find a way to structure the flyer so that it flows from page to page and has the desired emotive impact. We will keep you informed as we go along and will ensure we get you a copy of your handiwork when it is finished.

If we need some additional creative writing in future we will be very happy to give you a call…


So I tweeted my excitement and in reply my contact tweeted “…signing your cheque prompted it!”

Signing my cheque, eh???

Why, thankyouverymuch!!

Which means very shortly I’ll be able to pay my yoga teacher the outstanding course fees I owe, and a few other bills I’ve been putting off.

All courtesy of my creative writing skills.

I can’t quite explain how that makes me feel… it’s rather empowering and really FUN earning money doing something I enjoy. And via my own steam, too.

It’s very exciting that they said they’d use my services again too, and who knows (the fates willing) where things will lead from there?

So I’ve been doing a little bounce or two, and a skip and a dance (when no one’s looking) and wow, just enjoying my self-made moment of success.

As soon as I get a PDF of the finished flyer (artwork being done by a design agency), I’ll post it here.