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Post Secret - The other side

Ha! I don’t usually just re-post stuff, but when scanning Post Secret, I saw this postcard and thought… yeah. I know exactly what this person means.

Sometimes no going back can be a good thing. Others… well, wouldn’t we all like a do over of some experiences in our lives? But then, because we can’t, can we ever learn to just live with things as they are?

One of the truest observations anyone ever made about me, was from a guy who couldn’t pick me out in a line up.

I was at one of those work team bonding events around nine or ten years ago. The powers-that-be hired a handwriting expert to entertain us. So, at various times throughout the night, we took turns submitting our handwriting samples for analysis.

He looked at my writing for maybe a minute, uttered a few things that were true enough, but then said to me…

Oh, it takes you AGES to get over things.

Beats me how he knew that from looking at my handwriting, but yeah.

Not that knowing such a thing or for that matter, facing the cold hard truth, makes getting over the ‘stuff’ in our lives any easier, does it?