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I never usually win stuff, but this morning I woke up to find out that Lady Luck has kindly smiled down on me!

Karin from Beyond Words (one of my favourite artists in the blogosphere) had a little giveaway competition for her first blogiversary.

All the entrant’s names went into a hat, and somehow Karin pulled mine out as the winner!! Even better, the prize was a very special hand-bound book Karin made and created some tutorial videos about, should you ever want to try making your own book.

Karin's hand made book - that I won!!

This is it (click to see larger image)!!

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the gorgeous lotus flower stamp (also created by Karin) on the front, and the pretty green cover. I think its just stunning and I’m thrilled to be the winner of this wonderful prize!

As Karin suggested, I do plan to use it for writing poems, ideas and stories when I’m out and about, and not next to my computer. 🙂

My other show and tell item is the copywriting job I’ve been telling y’all about. The flyer it was intended for has now been designed and made awfully pretty.

AGF flyer cover - click to view PDF of complete flyer

Click to read my words (PDF file, 3.5MB)

In other news… the job I started a little while back (the one that saved me from absolute financial ruin) is very strange.

As I mentioned, its with this big corporate, in fact its the company that owns the previous big corporate I worked for (the one I quit when I went to Thailand around 12 months ago).

I’m being paid pretty crap money for what I’m doing, but then, its still not too bad. Just not what I’m used to being paid. Anyway, its enough to live on for now.

But the weird thing is, they really don’t have enough work to keep me busy. And last week I found out I wasn’t the only one in this situation. They’ve got digital producers (my job) and developers sitting around doing sporadic work. An email here, a meeting there, the odd phone call. Maybe half a day of documentation…

Don’t get me wrong, the people here are nice and I’m glad to be earning money. But it feels kinda wrong to be getting paid to do nothing (I’m writing this post from work at the moment).

Last week in my extensive down-time here, I finished two yoga studies assignments and made some awesome digital art to go with one of my essays (a cut down version of the essay plus the art I made will be shared here). Oh, and I sorted out payment for most of my overdue bills.

I suppose the upside is that its not a stressful  job and no one here (my boss included) seems to mind that I’m not doing anything, despite me constantly letting them know. But it doesn’t sit well with my work ethic – I’m used to doing at least half a dozen things at once… and yet, perhaps this is just what I need right now, a non-stressful re-introduction to the world of 9-5 work?

My final piece of exciting news is that next month I get to meet Anthroyogini and Mr Anthroyogini in person. Woot!! As I type, Anthroyogini is heading to Canberra to successfully complete and hand in her PhD thesis (which she is gonna kick ass at doing!).

Then once she’s done, we’ll rendezvous to celebrate in a coffee shop in Melbourne for our very first meet up.

Something to look forward to!

More posts coming soon, I just needed a little break in the past week to deal with some stuff. But my short spell of radio silence is done and I’ve got plenty more to share…

~ Svasti