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Well colour me purple, I’m one super-duper-lucky-duck right now!!

Not only did I manage to win Karin’s stunning hand-made book (*grin*), BUT my luverley English blog pal Shiv decided to (in his own words) step in and fix the balance of the funny.

And what, you might be asking, does that mean?

It means this sweet chappie (who’s currently in hospital being tested for everything under the sun, it seems) sent me (pre-hospital stay) a dash of good cheer… knowing I wasn’t feeling so joyous (I’m doing better now).

Which, to an Englishman means English humour (well, duh!). And who better to represent than a right funny bastard like Dylan Moran?

So in my mailbox this evening, I find a care package from the kind-hearted Shiv, containing the complete series of The Black Books on DVD. Being familiar with some ofΒ  Mr Moran’s work, I was rather chuffed to say the least. Whooo!!

Apparently if you haven’t seen The Black Books, you should.

At least that’s the read-between-the-lines message I’m getting here. Okay… maybe the message wasn’t even as subtle as that! πŸ˜‰

You should also see A Film With Me In It, if you can (I have, and its awesome!). Actually, I saw it that night I shoulda stayed home… making it even more blackly ironic. Hehe!!

I am feeling very grateful for my litte blogging world right now!

And, if you hear some rather loud chortling coming from the southern hemisphere, there’s a good chance that’ll be me, enjoying my completely unexpected present. *mega grin*

Thanks so much darlin! Get better soon, won’t you? xo