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And I won’t waste a single second
Living in hell like its some kind of heaven
~Beth Orton

Working away like a super-entertained little kitteh here (except I’m just super-busy, and not so much with the entertainment and no kitties on hand. Okay… so I’m busy and it has nothing to do with kitties or entertainment!), and I had to search my iPod (saviour of my sanity) for some music to block out the incredible-coughing-lady here in this open-plan-yes-sound-travels office.

It’s highly possible this lady has TB or something equally as nasty. She coughs for all of Australia, she does. And apparently has no qualms about her rather loud and dastardly noises, as she makes no attempt to cough more quietly. Ever. I dunno, perhaps its just a smoker’s cough? A really, really bad one? In any case, it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

I’m resisting my desire to anonymously leave a packet of cough drops on her desk.

So, thanks to the incredible-coughing-lady I consulted that blessed little piece of electronica, holder of many noises I do consider acceptable. Felt that Beth Orton was somehow appropriate today. Yup, she really is for this lovely, lovely Spring-like day (almost Spring here, so it’s a tantalising preview kinda day with very pretty blue skies, even in the city).

And then, amongst the general enjoyment of Ms Orton’s smooth tunes, the above mentioned lyrics rang out clear and true.

And here, folks, is the song, enjoy!