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Just thought I’d draw your attention to a very important and powerful interview about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Michele of Heal My PTSD was interviewed by Laurie Carty on Abundance Alley, Laurie’s Blog Talk radio show.

It’s about an hour and a half all up, but well worth your time. So when you get the chance, grab a pot of tea and settle in for an illuminating discussion.

Michele and Laurie discuss topics including:

  • Michele’s own trauma and personal recovery journey
  • Definitions and symptoms of PTSD
  • Various healing methods

Importantly, Michele de-mystifies PTSD in very simple language. Which is great for those trying to support someone dealing with PTSD, as well as sufferers who are trying to understand what’s happening to them.

Listen to the interview!

I highly recommend it.

Also, just read this: Girl subjected to ‘Resident Evil’ torture ordeal by three teenagers.

Which serves to remind me how desperately the world needs PTSD education.


P.S. Oh yeah, hope you like the new-look Svasti (thought it was high time for a design refresh on this here blog)…