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Fact: no one moves to Melbourne for the weather.

Well, perhaps if you’re an Eskimo or from England or Canada, so that when you come here you thank your lucky stars for the incredibly balmy temperatures. Heh.

The best thing I can say about the weather here is: “unpredictable”. I mean it.

Just the other day, it was all coy seductive hints of gloriously sunny warmth. Next thing, I’m looking up from my desk because of the really loud THUNDER and LIGHTNING, with a bonus hailstorm, before the return of the sun.

I kid you not.

Uncharacteristically, the first day of Spring bathed us in gentle warmth and the entire city celebrated. Because usually Spring comes limping over the line, tailing way behind Winter in that cyclic baton relay of the seasons.

It looked a little like this…

Spring cherry blossoms and sky

Then, just a day later, we were offered this…

Rain from the tram

Again, I kid you not.

Times like this make me wish I’d never left Sydney (my home for 12 years) because not only are the winters milder, but they’re just a tad more consistent.

I’m clearly disillusioned with Melbourne’s temperamental temperatures, especially because I have a rather unpleasant Spring cold.

Featuring more mucous than you could, well… let’s not poke anything at the mucous, shall we? A nasty sore throat, coughs (almost rivalling the serial cougher at work!), achy limbs, earache, loss of appetite, etc.

Just your run of the mill cold really, but in Spring!?! I mean, I got through almost all of Winter without much more than a headache. Right now, I’d like to be very old fashioned and use the word ‘vexing’. Yes, this is definitely a good time to use the word vexing.

Had a couple of days off at the start of the week. And lemme tell you, when you’re working on a contract, two days of sitting at home earns you zilch!

Felt okay enough to turn up on Wednesday and Thursday. Really, shoulda stayed home Friday though, on account of the writhing in discomfort I experienced late Thursday night (see rather pathetic tweet).

Friday started off alright but come lunchtime, Antarctic winds of discontent had descended. From the south I say, from the south!

In half a day, it was once again beanie weather (til well into Spring, Melbournites never leave home without a hat, scarf, coat, gloves & umbrella. Sane ones anyway).

Ah well, at least inside was warm. Which caused me to delay leaving the office. Ergh!!

Took a pic on my way home in that last 200 meters or so from the tram stop to my front door.

There’s an old cemetery to my right for part of the way and this was the view over the tall old brick fence, a few obelisks poking over the top as the sun set in a haze of yellows and blues…

Sunset over cemetary, East St Kilda

All this changeability of temperature has had me thinking about, well, life.

And how our progress/growth is never linear. Just as the days do not just get ever-more Spring-like each and every day, as the year moves forward (how does a year move forward anyway?) with nary a backward step… so it is with any personal change we’re going for.

It’s for this reason, we shouldn’t be disheartened if it seems like we’re going backwards. We’re probably not, though all evidence suggests otherwise.

And it’s the same thing with yoga – it’s why you can ‘suddenly’ one day do a yoga pose you never could before.

Progress is more circular, all-encompassing. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by the warmth of the sun again, blossoms prickling and new life arriving.