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Do you like yoga? Yeah?

What about travel? Of course you do!!

Got some time in February 2010 to travel to Africa and do yoga? Yes??

Well then, you should really sign up for Linda Sama’s Yoga Adventure in Africa!!

Man, if I could afford it, I’d sooo be there. And who knows, maybe things will change (as they often do) and whaddyaknow… I’ll be Africa-bound.

That would be so cool!

This is Linda...

Anyways… even if you can’t go, how about doing Linda a favour and spreading the word to your yoga community? Someone’s gotta stop her nightmare from manifesting.

This is part of my campaign against such an outcome. So, go! Spread the word! Here’s a few ways you could participate in the word-of-mouth campaign:

  • Write a blog post (kinda like this one, just maybe use different words!)
  • If you’re on Twitter, tweet a link for Linda’s Yoga Adventure in Africa
  • Post a link on your wall in Facebook
  • Offer to interview Linda on your blog about this event
  • Download Linda’s ad, print it out and take copies to your yoga school

And if you can afford the time/money, go book yourself a spot. Like, now!

Not only will you be doing yourself a favour, but you’ll be helping others as well ($108 from each participant’s fees will be donated to the Seva Foundation)!!


Linda Sama's Yoga Adventure in Africa