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Me and Catatonic Kid were, just for the fun (of course), busily trading witty repartee about Sydney’s alien invasion from Mars this week, and one of our exchanges made the news (5 lines from the bottom):  Dust whips up storm on Twitter

We gotz famous!!

Course, if the journo had been paying attention, they woulda included more of our cleverness – coz we are soooo clever! For your amusement, here are a few more examples…

@YogaChicky So Sydney’s gone to hell before Melbourne. Not surprising, really 😉 #duststorm

@catatonickid @YogaChicky what do you reckon, alien death ray?? #duststorm

@YogaChicky @catatonickid Wouldn’t that be coooool!? #duststorm

@YogaChicky Red Dust Fail Whale Over Sydney http://shortn.me/e6j (via @yiyinglu) #duststorm

@YogaChicky Awesome! Martians and zombies too! RT @petejcooper: first zombie sighted in the sydney apocalypse http://twitpic.com/iqoet #duststorm

@catatonickid “The dust simulates smoke so the fire alarm goes off.” ~ least that explains all the sirens. world not on fire. good to know. #duststorm

@YogaChicky @catatonickid Oh noes! #duststorm causes flashbacks 😦 http://bit.ly/p9i4z

Oh, and if you’ve been living in a bomb shelter, and you’re not sure what the heck we’re on about, check out Big Picture’s take on the dust storm.