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If so, wear it loud and proud fellow yogis and yoginis!

Maybe you don’t spend all your life on Twitter like some people (ahem!!), but y’see, we Twitter-ites have been busily and happily rallying under the #yogadork hashtag for some time.

In case you’re not sure what that means, a hashtag is a way of grouping content on Twitter to make it easier to search, and find others who are tweeting about the same topics. I think it all started around the idea of: I’m a #yogadork because…

There are plenty of us out there!

And now, THE Yoga Dork who started it all is organising t-shirts for anyone who wants to wear their yoga dorkiness on their, umm, chest!

YD is taking pre-orders right now. So don’t miss out, let your yoga freak flag fly!