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Hehe!! For a bit of fun today, this is what I did…

Yup! I created a #yogadorks of the world map! Yeah, I know… can you believe how cool I can be sometimes? 😉

Okay, unless you read Yoga Dork, or hang out on Twitter where a bunch of world-wide cyber-yogis/yoginis have been using the #yogdork tag for a while (to make our yoga-based tweets easier to search and find), then you might be thinking whatthe-is-she-on-about??!!

Right! So here it is: the wonderful Yoga Dork rallied the troops and made #yogadork t-shirts (based on demand) so we could all express our supreme yogadorkiness. And in the past week or so, we’ve all been getting said t-shirts delivered (see my last post), with more and more #yogadorks coming online every day.

Then, upon seeing a tweet about yet another successful t-shirt delivery, I wrote this…

And with a few quick keystrokes (because I’m something of a geek as well as a yogadork), the #yogadorks of the world map was born!

Since then, word has spread on Twitter like wildfire! From around four original entries this afternoon, we now have around twenty yogadorks mapped, and counting…

Watch out world! Coz here comes an army of yogadorks, fighting disharmony with asana and pranayama, wherever they find themselves… or just doing yoga in places you wouldn’t expect. Coz that’s the lot of a yogadork – madly in love with yoga, and willing to look dorky for the yoga cause, no matter what!

And hey, if you’re a yogadork too, feel free to add yourself to the map. The idea being I guess, to see how far and wide our “digital sangha” (term courtesy of Cora Wen) is spread. For those times when we need to get asana happening on a grand scale!

Instructions to plot your location are…

  • You need to be signed into Google first (I think)
  • Click on the “Edit” button
  • Three icons should appear at the top left corner of the map
  • Select the middle one (balloon shape), to the right of the hand icon
  • Drag a balloon marker onto the map where you live (make it general or specific, up to you)
  • Add your name, your Twitter ID and/or your blog link to the details for your marker
  • Select ‘Save’ and you’re done!

All yogadorks welcome!! 😉