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…I wish you a promising Christmas at any time in your life. You may not expect to hear Merry Christmas and so forth from me, but I am trying to bring home to you who the Christ is, who Mother Mary is and who that immaculate son is…
~Swami Satyananda

A week ago I read this transcription of a satsang with Paramahansa Satyananda, from Christmas Day in 1983.

Swamiji has a fascinating take on what Christmas means and what it can mean for us all, and for more than just one day a year.

Please do read it – you’ll be blown away by what he says.

And – please consider donating to Linda-Sama’s fundraiser, if you haven’t already (follow the link to find out how).

Today (Christmas Day) I’ll be at my sister and brother-in-law’s place now that they’re living in a house big enough to host everyone. Which works for me! Christmas at my parents’ place is just a little too… tense and sterile for my liking.

There are nieces waiting for me, and they make everything 500% better. Even Christmas.

Boxing Day evening I’ll be on a plane bound for Sydney! Just a short break for eight days, I’ll get to stay with some of my closest buddies, and catch up with a host of old friends.

How nice it’ll be to have a little holiday in the gorgeously warm Sydney (as opposed to unpredictable Melbourne), see all my friends and chill out a bit after what’s been a very difficult and challenging year (2009 was a bit of a bastard for many people!).

Also, here’s an unofficial press release for y’all:



On New Year’s Eve I’ll be meeting up with some very fabulous bloggy friends. Two people who’ve been incredibly supportive and wonderful to me – Catatonic Kid and Shiv.

They were among the very first people I made contact with when I started my blog, and thanks to Twitter, IM, Facebook and y’know, everything else… we’ve become good friends. I totally love them both, and apparently they don’t mind me either!

Shiv is here to visit his beloved CK, and I kinda invited myself to stay for a night or two. Hehe! We have many plans, especially for Shiv’s birthday on 1st January (secret plans, mwahahaha!!).


It’s all very exciting!!

Not sure if I’ll be blogging while I’m in Sydney, but I’ll certainly be writing. And taking plenty of photos.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas or whatever you do or don’t celebrate, however you’re spending it.