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Not quite sure how this happened, but a lady named Amy has put together her Top 30 Sites for People Dealing with Depression and included this blog on her list!

Which is cool… but like Trini Girl Blue (also on the list), I think there’s other blogs that could’ve been mentioned. Trini has made a good list, so I won’t mention those sites here again, although there’s many on her list that I’d also mention if she hadn’t.

Here’s a few more (some are specific posts, others are just the blog in general) in alphabetical order:

And to quote Trini coz she already said it so well…

…there are many people that were missed and for that I am sorry, if anyone wants to be added to this list please feel free to drop me a line. This is just a drop in the bucket, it is not exhaustive.

We all struggle with ourselves and while some don’t update as much as they have in the past there are good resources on each of these blogs…

From my perspective I like hearing about how others deal with depression, even if they are still in the woods (so to speak).

It’s a topic that doesn’t get nearly enough airtime and isn’t well understood. Consequently a lot of people with depression put up with it and end up loathing themselves when really what they need is a hug and appropriate mental health care.

Depression warps your view of yourself and also makes it very difficult to dig your way out. It can make you feel like you’ll never be happy ever again. And it’s hard to find a reason to get out of bed when you feel like that!

But it is possible. Like many of the blogs mentioned in the top 30 list and on Trini’s blog and those I’ve mentioned, many people have found healing and have managed to bring some happiness and sunshine back into their life.

And that’s part of why I write these days – to show that it is possible to recover.

As human beings, we have the capacity to destroy ourselves/other people or thrive and find incredible happiness. All people have that same capacity – all of us.

Speaking of depression, human beings and happiness…

Haiti Earthquake Donations

Have you donated to one of the Haiti appeals yet? Even if you can only afford $5, it’s still better than not giving at all.

I donated to Wyclef Jean’s foundation Yele Haiti – mostly because he is Haitian himself and I trust that my donation is going directly to the appeal as he says.

50,000-100,000 people are dead. Many more are injured and traumatised, and/or have lost people they love.

The photos of the aftermath are devastating. Please help any way you can.