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  • While Dragon Boat Restaurant has been renovated and looks much awesomer than it used to, it’s no longer the best Yum Cha in Melbourne’s CBD.
  • It is entirely possible to be friends with people who look, sound, act just like you – only to discover they have vastly different customs and values.
  • Which can be both interesting and horrifying.
  • Like… an Irish friend who’s been living half a world away from her family for many years. But she’ll probably give in to her mother, getting married in her home town in a Catholic church (even though she’s very lapsed), and tolerate an enormous frou-frou reception, because anything less would reflect badly on her mother with the neighbours…
  • Further, while they don’t have a wedding date yet, she already knows her unborn children will be baptised and have a Catholic education. “They can choose to lapse on their own”…
  • Old ladies on motorised wheelchairs have no patience and will mow down both you and your bicycle, with nary a backwards glance rather than wait two seconds for you to move out of the way. [No cyclists or push bikes were injured. This time. Except for minor bruising.]
  • It’s incredibly frustrating to realise that another friend, aged 40, can still abandon her female friends for a new relationship, just like we did in high school. Man = new focus + other friends jettisoned to the periphery.
  • No matter how old you get, you/your friends can still spectacularly choose the wrong boyfriend. It is also possible to break up with that boyfriend and take him back for no good reason.
  • Said boyfriend can be a total energy vampire, really immature and completely wrong for your pal… and somehow this otherwise sane person will still go out with him.
  • Everyone seems really angry today. Tomorrow is a full moon. Go figure.
  • It’s probably another good day to stay home out of harm’s way, drink pots of tea and just shut the hell up…


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