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I was having a little trouble working out what to buy my niece (the one who featured in a recent blog post) for her 3rd birthday. I mean, both of my nieces have more toys than they’ll ever really need and are spoiled furiously by their parents, grandparents and okay, their aunty too! 😉

So I decided to make something instead (photo is below). I also bought her a couple of Mem Fox books (Possum Magic and Hattie & the Fox) and they fit neatly inside her new hand-made present. I hope she likes it! Her party is tomorrow although her actual birthday isn’t for a few more days yet…

What do you think? It’s both machine and hand sewn by yours truly!

I don’t know if it’s just that she’s the first-born of the next generation or not, but my eldest niece is very important to me. I love both of them of course, but Layla came along at a time in my recovery where… well, the joy of her birth was overwhelmingly positive at a very dark point. She was a bit of a miracle for me, even though she’s not my child.

Happy birthday darling girl! I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up. xxx