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Here comes reality – can you dig it? A friend of mine lost the lower part of her left leg a couple of months back, and was actually very lucky she didn’t lose her life. In India, which has been her second home for the longest time until a truck almost tore her to pieces and four surgeries later, there are the photos on Facebook to prove it (just recently posted)… nurses in white sari-style uniforms and swamis at her bedside along with many ex-pat friends and family (she’s back in Australia now).

But in all those photos, looking fragile and vulnerable as she is, my friend is still radiant, serene and peaceful. She’s cool with what is and she’s surfing those waves of reality right into the shore. She’ll probably try to hop as far as she can when she gets there too, before eventually falling over in the sand giggling at the fun she’s just had.

How well can you deal, folks? How much can you accept and remain steady of mind and heart? What if, like my friend, you could no longer do what you’ve always assumed was your birthright and part of what makes you who (think) you are? Like, on a permanent basis, not just for a while?

Pre-assault, I think if something like that had’ve happened to me, I would’ve wanted to die. But maybe something like that DID happen to me, just in different packaging? In any case, I see that my natural response to her situation is quite different than it would’ve been perhaps five-plus years ago.

Like, right now I’m thinking about a possible asana series for the one-legged (seated and floor asana, with some balancing) and encouraging her to plan a trip to our retreat center in Thailand. I am sorry my friend was injured but I don’t mourn for her lost limb. Perhaps it’s because of where I’ve been on my own journey. And/or perhaps because she doesn’t, AND also, because who she is does not reside in those toes, that calf muscle, Achilles tendon, sinews, blood vessels or that tibia or fibula.

She is not lessened. She is not without. If anything, with less surface space to stretch out in, the very essence of her being radiates more intensely than ever before… and she is glorious.