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Hey… it’s been a while since we last sat down for a decent chat. Just you and me. You know. No audience, just us girls.

Yeah I know! Crazy how time flies, huh?

Sure is! And I’m wondering how you’re doing lately. I mean, we used to talk every day but now, not so much. It’s not like you’re ignoring me, I realise that, but…

Hey, I am sorry if you’re feeling neglected. It’s just that, well, I don’t always know what to say. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do have plenty to talk to you about but the thing is, I’m not suffering from depression or PTSD any more. Which is a HUGE win…

Totally! And you know I’m on your side, right? I just wanna celebrate with you…

I know you do. And I want to share all of that with you too, but it’s just that I have so much more energy these days. So I’m doing more stuff, y’know? I’m getting out more, I’m being a heck of a lot more social than I’ve been in ages. Which all boils down to a little less time on my hands.

I understand…

No, but that’s not the whole story either! I mean, there’s still heaps to say. But you know that sometimes I have a hard time putting things into words, right? That awesome things happen, or brilliant (for me!) insights occur and as much as I want to talk about them, it’s a little challenging sometimes to find the right words.

Sure. You want me to really get you, but then when you can’t find the right way to tell me, you just… don’t. We’ve talked about heaps of stuff in passing already, but we’re yet to go into details on some of it.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate you or anything like that. It’s just that our time together is special, and I want it to be right…

*hums* Do you know what today is?

Of course! How could I forget!

Awww man, I’m getting all teary now…

Happy 2nd bloggiversary Svasti-blog. You’re awesome! Hanging out with you has saved my butt AND my mental health too many times to count. I really do love having you in my life. I like it that I can share all kinds of things with you and feel okay about it. Also, I love the way you’ve brought new friends into my life from all over the world! Not to mention your awesome capacity to document my stories, your technical abilities, your white space and of course, your impressive spam filtering functionality.

*sniffles* Thank you!! That means soooo much to me. I like having you around too, otherwise what would I publish? And your friends here? They’re pretty cool, too. I think you’re a lucky lady to have them AND me. Now, what are we gonna do to celebrate?

Hmmm… Well, we could publish this little tete-a-tete as a way to say HUZZAH! We should be proud of how we’ve worked together for the past two years. You’ve given me a place to express the craziness and the pain, and the triumphs, too…

And you’ve given me lots of interesting things to share with people. I’m kinda proud of you! I mean, I never thought you’d end up becoming a yoga teacher! And I LOVE my banner image. I liked the last one too, but I really appreciated the spruce up. And I’m not just sucking up to you, I swear!

Okay, okay. We like each other. Cool. So… should we do it?

Yeah, okay!

You and me, we’re doing alright, aren’t we?

I like to think so.

So then, should we keep this gig going for a while longer?

Well, I’ve kinda gotten used to having you around. So yeah… Although PLEASE… don’t ask me to publish too many of the super-weird dreams you’ve been having lately. It’s kind of tough to make them read sensibly.

Oh, c’mon!

No! We’ve all got our standards and despite your no-holds barred approach to writing; I still think there are some things you should keep to yourself. The word “banal” strikes a chord.

They’re not banal! They’re interesting, but perhaps a little weird.

Yeah, too weird for the general public, I’m thinking. And besides which, nowhere in the description in the header does it say “sharing of weird dreams”.

I could change that…


Just messin’ with ya… happy bloggiversary my lil electronic buddy…

Heh! Are you gonna share that cupcake or what?

Dude, you’re a blog interface. Can’t have you getting crumbs in the system…

*sighs* But I can watch, right?

Of course!