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I’m sooo not normally into this award business. Yes, I graciously accept blogย awards (and post them here) when offered because I think it’s absolutely lovely of someone to think my blog worthy of some link love. Personally, I subscribe to around 300 blogs on all kinds of topics. I know, I’m a little blog-addicted!

But what can I say? How often does one receive an award with a rabbit on it? A rabbit that is against barring anything, for that matter? A very wise rabbit, really…

This was given to me by a very special lady – Karin from Beyond Words. Here’s the post she wrote on the awards (scroll down past the pretty pictures), and you can read about the origins of the award here.

Karin is an artist extraordinaire, and someone I’ve come to think of as a friend. She is so very talented, and also very giving. She has made video tutorials to explain her artistic processes for others, and last yearย I won a very special little green book from Karin’s giveaway competition.

I treasure it. But I’m yet to decide what I want to use it for, because writing in longhand is permanent, and so I want it to be GOOD! Perhaps it will be my diary when I’m immersed in a long retreat again later this year?

I didn’t share it at the time, but Karin also sent me this…

Isn’t it gorgeous? I had to fold it up into a triangle, and now it sits on the window sill, just off to the left above my writing desk with a collection of things that make me happy…

I hope Karin won’t mind me mentioning this – since she writes so bravely of it herself – but she is currently doing battle with breast cancer. While she’s been dealing with mortality, chemo, and intense pain (on top of the chronic pain she suffers in her wrists), she has still been creating, sharing and showing humour and grace under fire.

If you haven’t checked out her beautiful art yet, you should do so. Every post is a visual treat!

There are a lot of bloggers out there that I admire. Some of them I’ve linked to over and over again in various posts. And, while I could point to many of the regular suspects as “no holds barred” writers (you know who you are!), I thought I’d give this award to three bloggers I’ve come across more recently who also happen to write with painful-yet-inspiring honesty, and everything hanging out in the wind. They are brave to the point of bleeding and also very fine writers IMHO:

(Note: feel free to pass this on, or not!)

I don’t mean to offend anyone by mentioning some blogs and not others. I love all the blogs I read, regardless of how many comments I leave. And yes, you’re ALL in my Google Reader, okay? xo

Also, speaking of rabbits, I never did do a show and tell of the beautiful bunny that (the also very talented artist) Marcyย from Ordinary Enchantment painted for me towards the end of last year. I did have a plan, believe or not! I was gonna to wait until I bought a frame for it and then write a post about it, but being the disorganised creature that I am (sometimes), I’m yet to buy a frame! So, please enjoy my photos of the initial un-boxing of my lovely rabbit painting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Marcy, I REALLY do love my Witchy-Bun!! She makes me smile in my heart as well as on my face! ๐Ÿ˜€