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[This blog is in no way a political one, but this is an ASTOUNDING day in Australia’s history, and it deserves a mention. If you could care less about politics (and I honestly didn’t think I did myself), then please feel free to skip this post!]

Today is a day of awesomeness!

As of this morning, Australia has its first female Prime Minister.

Which completely boggles my mind…

In the words of the fake Julia Gillard Twitter account that’s already sprung up, she’s an “unmarried female atheist redheaded migrant”. Huzzah!

To be honest, I think Australia is still a very conservative and somewhat misogynist country. And I would’ve said we were several decades away from the possibility of a female Prime Minister. But here we are. Today. NOW.

Of course, winning the Prime Minister-ship via a coup isn’t the best way to do it. And hopefully when we go to a national election later this year, the Australian public will vote her back in rather than the leader of the opposition – a man many of us not-so-affectionately call “The Mad Monk” – Tony Abbott (Abbott/Monk – see the connection, ahahaa!).

But regardless, Julia Gillard is a strong, ballsy lady. She’s shrewd, she’s in charge and she’s a ranga (like the author of this blog). WOOt!!!

I look forward to seeing how Prime Minister Gillard does in the next few months – I expect her to take swift action and perform well. I have faith in her, for sure. Go Julia!

Unfortunately the coup happened because in recent times, Kevin Rudd (deposed PM) has floundered very badly and become unpopular through his words and deeds. He was almost 100% certain to lose the next election. But I now feel hopeful that we can avoid a leadership under the Speedo-wearing-chest-hair-flaunting-super-conservative-religious-Mad-Monk as our next PM.

A decision between Rudd and Abbott was going to be problematic, but literally overnight, people have a viable alternative to the Abbott-led Liberal party (which really isn’t terribly Liberal at all), instead of voting for them simply because they want a change.

But more than anything, I’m absolutely FLOORED and ELATED that we have a powerful woman leading our country! Well for now, anyway… I seriously thought something like this would need to happen in America before we could ever hope to achieve such a thing here.

Only time will tell if she’s the right person for the job or not, but for now, I’m just going to celebrate this incredible day! 😀


P.S. Also, I received a bunch of yoga mats today, from the charity I’m working with. For use in my upcoming yoga classes. *whoohoo!*