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Some of you will be familiar with Anthroyogini (aka Amanda, the desert dwelling anthropologist). But the Anthroyogini blog is on hiatus right right now – or perhaps permanently (any news, Amanda?).

BUT Amanda has been blogging quite furiously and successfully for a few months now as Desert Book Chick. Which (no surprises here) is all about books. That gal reads at a furiously lightning-paced rate and has tweaked both her blog AND her book review posts until they glisten. She is doing incredibly well in her new blog-genre!

So if you like books at all, it’s definitely a good blog to keep tabs on.

Even more than that however, Desert Book Chick has really helped Amanda overcome her own very recent battle with depression.

Whether its yoga or dancing or writing or whatever… there’s plenty of evidence to show that if you throw yourself into whatever activity you’re passionate about, you CAN kick depression in the ass.

Make sure you read this wonderful post by Amanda:

A Very Personal Retrospective

…to learn how her book blog evolved, and how it has unexpectedly become much more important to her than she ever imagined it would!