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After my little rant the other day, seems the Universe is doing its darndest to get me a message – even if the lines of communication are still a little fuzzy.

Reading intergalactical telegrams is tricky, after all! Got a feeling though, the message goes something like this:

So very deeply sorry for the miscommunication! I/We (note: how DOES the Universe refer to Itself?) know things between us have been a little strained of late. There’s some distance there I don’t really like and I know you don’t either. But let’s work on it together. And hey, don’t worry, I’m working on things for you. Okay? Much love! Mwaaah! xxx

Hmmm. So you might be wondering why on earth I would be thinking this, eh?

Well! Almost directly after publishing that ranty-ranty post, my phone started ringing off the hook.

No, I still don’t have a job and I still don’t have any immediate income. But I DO have an interview lined up for Monday, and expect to hear about another interview very soon. AND I have one for the following Monday. Also, two calls about some potential short term work in the meanwhile. It’s still all a little uncertain but hey, it’s a bucket-load better than how things have been, that’s for sure!

Plus, I had another woman ring me on the same day, all very determined sounding, to tell me she’d DEFINTELY (her emphasis, not mine) be there at my yoga class this Saturday. She told me she’d wanted to come last week but couldn’t make it but WOULD be there this week.

A friend of mine (the only one to come to any of my practice yoga teaching sessions at the end of last year) is a novice yogi and has also offered to come along to pad out the numbers, too. Which works for me as I plan to break things down quite a bit and hey, even if I only have her to teach, that’s better than nothing, right?

Today I met with a recruiter who was about to send me to an interview with the same company I’ve already scored an interview with on Monday. Gotta love a little synchronicity for reassurance, not that it’s any guarantee I’ll get the job, of course!

Then, on the way home, I got a call from a woman who wants to bring four kids from a drug and alcohol rehab facility to my class (with their carer). Four?!

I’ll be thrilled to see them there! I was almost frothing at the mouth with excitement (teehee!). And even if only one of those kids turn up, plus the woman who rang yesterday and my friend… then yeah, it’ll be super-awesome, no matter how the class plays out.

So I’m feeling a bit relieved but also… got this strange kind of surge of energy and it seems like I can almost feel it. Touch it.

Call such things your guardian angel, the presence of Ma, the Universe… an intelligent energy that’s bigger than me but also is me, and everyone/everything else out there. Feels a bit like being kissed on the cheek. Reassuring. Encouraging. Close. Sorta like someone’s whispering in my ear to hang in there, things are on the way but not here just yet. That I AM on the right path, and to keep on moving.

Lying on the couch to do a bit of reading just before, I suddenly felt this sense of reaching out, of love, of movement…

Things are not completely back on track yet. Of course. That’d be too much like a one hour television show that has to tidy up all the loose endings before the end of each episode. And as we know, real life just never really happens like that (at least not in my experience)!

But I almost feel like I can  touch the coming changes (and OH YES, they are coming!), in a way that’s been almost completely inaccessible for a long while now.

Then… another possibility is that I’m just completely delusional, hahaha! I guess that’s very a reasonable alternative.

And we shall just have to wait and see, right?

~Svasti (slightly mollified and not quite as pissed off)