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Got a full schedule today. Heck, the whole weekend is a bit of a full schedule, but anyways…

After teaching my class at noon (fingers crossed the people who called actually show up!!), I’m heading off to this:

It’s so exciting! Nadine and Kerry’s workshop combines yoga and kinesiology with an emphasis on getting ‘unstuck’. Just like the title says!

I’ve got a lot of time for kinesiology (and of course, yoga!), because at the very beginning of trying to deal with PTSD, it was exceedingly helpful for me.

You can read about the slightly round-about way that I ended up seeing a kinesiologist right here. Funnily enough, I haven’t written about the treatments I had at the time – I think that part of my story is a little too compressed still. Even now. Kind of like trying to evaluate a piece of melted plastic where the former shape has collapsed into something indistinguishable.

Anyway, kinesiology is a very, VERY cool technique for helping shift energetic/emotional states, and I strongly suspect that at the time it was one of the things – no exaggeration – that saved my life.

Combine that with some yoga as led the fabulous Nadine, and I’m expecting today to be very powerful!

And the timing is awesome. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m feeling a little stuck  right now. Okay, A LOT stuck. I’ve been hanging out for this, and now it’s happening today. HOORAY!

The rest of this post contains bits and pieces of a comment I left on Nadine’s blog as well as her reply, which all kinda relates to unstuckness…

This is part of what I wrote:

…the braver we all are, and the more we share about our fears and bravery, the better it is for everyone in the long term. Here you are, doing your pioneering work of bravery and courage and hoping. And that does inspire others, including me!

Seems we’re all carrying these packages of loss and sadness and anger around and unless we learn to unpack them and deal with them effectively, it doesn’t matter how old we get, we’ll always be wishing life was different than it is.

And what I want is a life where I’m supremely happy to be wherever I am at all times…

Nadine’s reply comment was:

I got a bit teary when I read this! Because that is EXACTLY what the workshop is about. Finding a gentle way into the fun and pleasure of life just as it is. Now.

And I’m with you. I’m totally hanging out for the workshop too. Because all this stuff?

It’s coming up because it wants to be cleared.

And I sincerely hope (please-please-please-please) that she’s right!

Here’s to a more successful yoga teaching expedition today, AND to getting a little freer and happier!

Yep, gotta get some flow back in my life, stat!

And I recommend that you make sure you’re getting some flow happening, too. 🙂